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Account FAQs

I did not receive an activation mail!?
  • It can take several minutes for the activation e-mail to arrive. Please be patient! This depends on your mail provider.
  • Check your e-mail spam filter and spam folder!
  • Make sure that you can receive e-mails from (adjust your spam filter / add an exception).
  • Accounts which are not activated will be removed after 6 hours. You can try to register with the same name again after that period.
  • Try another e-mail address if you have any.
  • Unreal Software does not re-send activation mails. Please do not ask, instead try again after 6 hours (the same name is then available again).
Why am I not able to login?I forgot my password! How to get it back?I do not have access to my e-mail anymore and I forgot my password! What now?What do I do when someone stole my account?Why are some U.S.G.N. IDs not used?Can I get another (lower) U.S.G.N. ID?How to become Moderator?How to become Super User? What is the advantage?What does the user mode "Idiot" mean?What does the user mode "Security Supporter" mean?What does the user mode "Reviewer" mean?

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