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07.07.19 07:27:47 am
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Hey guys i just wanna post this & show you my final map i've made. I can't go any further through the future.

"Battle of Rome, it happens when the Terrorist starts rioting from the Streets, and some Italian Policia starts gearing up & they called it `Operation Roam` the battle goes bloody massacre bringing tanks & explosives."

-This is a DE Map but some other modes are not available due to my failure progress.

∗ Special Thanks to one of their GFX (I'd forgot who their was & lost in memories )

-- √ This is ok --
√ You can play with Server
√ You can talk about me that i've made this map
√ You can Edit but only permission by me

-- × This is not ok -- Filthy Frank 2015
× Don't copy or steal my map without permission.
× Don't talk about "It's yours" without any valid or such will get warned.

This is created in: July 7, 2019 (But it was lasted made in 2018?)
Created by: ForeverNames
edited 3×, last 03.08.19 09:30:18 am
ok This file has been reviewed and approved by GeoB99 (08.02.20 06:58:19 pm)


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31.07.19 04:23:32 am
like I like it!
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There's no another bombsite ?

Nice map btw

Suggestion : rename the map to "de_roam"
12.07.19 08:40:41 am
Security Supporter
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Single plant.. lol
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