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Sounds huge huh ? It's not.

This is a project that I always wanted to make. You know, lasers, super powers, speed. That all made me really hyped. When I first looked at BlazingNote's (Blazingxx at that time) Super Hero mod, I was so happy and just thought to myself "I want to make something like that"

So I did.

I won't get your hopes up and say it already. It's incomplete.
It has many features (well not tons of them but...) It has few bugs (that I'm not really going to list so you would have to find out).
I'm not planning on even looking at this since this was a mere try-out of tables system in Lua that I was (and still am) learning at the time. I was hosting it on my server for some time and few people asked where they could download this (they obviously couldn't). Now I'm putting it here so if any people interested in it, they could download it.

Installation is simple.

Download > Put in CS2D folder > Extract archive.
There are 2 commands you can put in console :
givelvl and givecred.
To use them you have to type.
givecred <id> <amount> <reason>
givelvl <id> <amount> <reason>
Thank Engin33r for these.
I probably spelled "amount" wrong..

Anyways, what you have to do in it.
Kill others, level up, have fun.
Simple enough. You get 2 classes for every 5 levels with exception to level 45 and lvl 80+

As I've probably already said, the script is undone but it's playable. The classes are balanced up to ~35 level. If you want, you can fix it up.

Comments/Ratings are disabled since I obviously don't care about what anyone will say. If you want to praise me for my good work then just do it in your mind and don't bother me. Same goes for blaming of bad work.

Thank you for people who allowed me to use the sounds in script.

flame Something important flame
You need to make a folder named "saves" in sys/lua directory or else the levels/exp won't work, resulting in redundant script.

That's it.
Have a nice day ~~
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