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English Usage of ChatGPT

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old Usage of ChatGPT

Spark Fountain
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This question goes directly to @DC but I chose to open a thread because of the potential general interest in the answer.

Do you consider checking out ChatGPT to improve or simplify your game development process? For which tasks would you consider using ChatGPT (creating assets, writing code etc.) and where do you explicitly decide NOT to use ChatGPT to keep your games "your own creation"?

old Re: Usage of ChatGPT

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I already tried to use ChatGPT to solve code related problems. I'm not 100% happy with the results though. There are too many downsides for me:

× It sometimes gives you output with bugs or which doesn't really do what you want. Understanding and fixing the output sometimes takes longer than doing stuff yourself.
× Writing code yourself makes you a better developer. Letting an AI do it doesn't really improve your personal skills that much.
× You don't know where ChatGPT took the code / parts of the code from (you could even violate licenses/copyright this way)
× It's bad for the environment because each answer requires a lot of computing.

Furthermore I enjoy writing code so why should I try to let an AI do it for me? There are some annoying parts though which I don't really enjoy and where an AI can be helpful.

I might use it in future if need some support/inspiration but right now I still prefer to do stuff myself and/or to use a good old search engine when I need help.

I didn't really use ChatGPT or other AI for anything else yet - except for playing around and seeing what's possible. I don't think that I want to use it for asset creation. I prefer giving things my personal touch and having 100% control. Also there's still that copyright problem because most asset creation AIs take (= steal) art from the internet as input. That doesn't feel very right and fair.

3D Animation and rigging might be interesting because I really don't like doing these things but I didn't do any research there yet and I don't know how good/helpful AI is in that field. It also comes with the same problems (potentially stealing work from others as input).

old Re: Usage of ChatGPT

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I've been using ChatGPT for the following things:

1. To troubleshoot issues, sometimes it tells me where to look for problems on existing technologies or artifacts that are very common. This use case has really been very helpful to me because sometimes there are too many potential parts that could fail and you can't remember all of them at once. All I have to do is describe the scenario and it tells me what to check.

2. To mix technology topics that I just can't find by looking at Google. For instance, I had to make a solution that mixes a cloud platform authorization mechanism with another software that acts as an authentication proxy. I wouldn't be able to find the very specific solution I needed by just looking at lots of different topics.

3. To make hacky pipelines when the CICD team doesn't want to help me.

The only problem I have found so far is that ChatGPT memory records are outdated, and sometimes suggests implementing things that have been deprecated or that are no longer supported by the technology stack.
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