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06.09.22 11:18:45 am
Hi, i wanted to ask is there a option where i can see how much hours i have on cs2d with usgn acc? Thanks
06.09.22 12:50:00 pm
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I think its impossible, you need Steam account to see how many hours you played cs2d
Bad Life
06.09.22 09:45:24 pm
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Yep, sorry, that's impossible.
The U.S.G.N. was originally designed to be super lightweight (low hardware requirements for the server) and therefore does not save any per user stats.

The Steam play time counter might be an alternative as user NanuPlayer suggested.

There are also the game server stats. By default every game server counts how long people have played on them. Many servers allow to access these stats in some way. By default you can simply say rank in chat to get a lot of interesting data (it's possible that server owners disable that feature). Note that these values are PER SERVER only and that server owners can reset/manipulate these values whenever they want.
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