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i would really like to see port forwarding no longer being necessary in order to host servers, especially when cs2d goes on steam. isnt it possible to do this sort of thing, especially with steam? hopefully this is already in progress.
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15.07.17 12:40:06 am
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The only technique I'm aware of which - in some cases - helps to make server hosting possible on systems behind a router even without port forwarding is NAT hole punching. CS2D already does that using the U.S.G.N. It does however use the most simple variant of NAT hole punching. (and I'm actually not sure right now if it only uses it when you manually try to connect to a server or if it already uses it for unreachable servers in the server list...)

It might be possible to improve this so it works with more routers but I currently don't plan to do so because it's simply not worth the effort in my eyes. There are enough good dedicated servers. Also whoever wants to host his own stuff can usually do the forwarding with a few clicks in a router web interface. It shouldn't be a big deal.

I'm not aware of any other magic solution.

I'm afraid that you will still have to forward your ports. That's simply how routers and the internet works. Steam doesn't really change that. I'm not an expert on this topic though so if anyone knows better feel free to enlighten me.
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