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28.10.15 06:44:45 pm
I haven't played this game for quite a while now, but I remember taming monkeys. If I'm correct, you throw bananas at the monkeys to tame them. When you throw a banana, it makes a damage sound on impact. To further prove this, go to the file called game.ini and change "gore=0" to "gore=1" and throw another banana. It should make a small blood splatter on impact.

What am I getting at here? I just think that harming a monkey isn't the best way to tame one. Maybe make a net item that attaches to tree branches. If filled with bananas, the monkeys would be lured over and become tamed.

Just an idea. Also, does the thrown banana actually take off any of the monkey's health?
28.10.15 07:13:00 pm
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You are mean. Why are you throwing the bananas right at them? Of course it hurts to get hit by a banana!

The point is: It's sufficient to throw the banana into their direction. They will go to it and eat it. You don't have to (and shouldn't) hit them with the banana.
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29.10.15 06:55:12 am
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Imagine that in real life i dont think monkeys will love you for throwing bananas at their heads.
Its not like a pokeball to catch em all, the monkey wont get caught inside of the banana, more likely the banana gets into the monkey (by eating! Dont think perverted now ).

All in all user DC explained it already.
29.10.15 01:09:33 pm
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Be right back, launching the game to throw bananas at monkeys.
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29.10.15 02:46:16 pm
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I think someone should add a new taming method. You should be able to pick up monkeys and throw them at bananas to tame the bananas
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29.10.15 11:34:04 pm
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Oh, you wasn't supposed to throw 'em at their heads? It all makes so much more sence now...
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