English turret npc bots shoots buildings instant infinite

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this is request did by compilation that not shoots npc by turret and bots still overwriten in notepad lua is in folder to dedic shoots buildings thanks

my request is in dedicated tention will it overwrite someone compilation of doing lua scripting to make turrets attack npcs, ..bots shoots dispenser and turrets or all buildings.. .. and npc attack turrets and dispensers thanks it will hel me compile egzisting instantbuild as last lines or you do inpad with infinite build all in one so i can compile classic bots.vs.bots.npc.horror

continue here thanks or mediafire or luascriptdownloadurlinpostrplyherethanks or mediafiregoogleshortenurlthanks whatsoevertsoican continuehostdedic frompc lagoon reef and dust2 coopteamvsnpcgame

18.01.14 01:06:09 am
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I didn't enjoy this in the least. You can't make turrets or NPCs behave. End of deal.
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