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24.10.21 05:02:36 am
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Well this is my fourth map and I think this map didn't turn out the way I wanted since my creativity is terrible so this map is very ''small'' so I have nothing to say good about this map until I liked it. i think i'm "best map maker" just a novice trying to do something cool this description i get really confused i just say this map was made with love you know
√ you can use it at will
× just don't say it's yours
√ allowed to use on your server all my files that I put here not only on the maps but you can use it at will

• if you want to change something ok but leave the credits

@user thx: creator map
@user drexx: helped nothing, lies helped to do some things that I "nerd" can not do .....
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25.10.21 10:28:30 pm
like I like it!
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like nice map
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